New Admission:

Admission is open to students of all nationalities subject to availability of seats. Students taking in new admission will undergo entrance examinations in English and Math.  Based on the marks and the record of the previous school, the school reserves the right to either admit or reject the student.

Registration for the New Academic Year for returning students:

The school will send the Retainer Fee Forms at the beginning of April every year.  If your child will continue with us, please respond to our letter and pay the Retainer Fee of QAR 2000/- which is non-refundable but will be deducted from the first semester tuition fee.  This will ensure that a seat is reserved for your child for the new academic year.

Withdrawal from School:  Students withdrawing from American Academy School need to provide a written letter to the Principal of the school. The student will receive a progress report/ report card and a reference letter from the school. No monetary refund.

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Second Semester Attendance and Punctuality Procedure