American Academy School
School Uniform Guidelines
School Uniform may be purchased from AAS only

Boys and Girls Boys and Girls
Grades 1-6 Grades 7-12
Red and white stripes shirt with tie Blue and white stripes shirt with tie
Navy blue pants Navy blue pants
Black Shoes Black Shoes
P.E. P.E.
Light Gray with Red Shirt Light Gray with Blue Shirt
Navy Track Pants Navy Track Pants
Sports shoes (White or Black Only) Sports shoes (White or Black Only)
Winter Uniform Winter Uniform
Red and white stripes shirt Blue and white stripes shirt with tie
Navy Blue Pants Navy Blue Pants
Navy blue school jacket Navy blue school jacket
                                                 School Uniform Guidelines
• NO cotton Trousers
• NO Black Trousers
• NO Excuses will be accepted such as (washing-lost-no size-etc.…)
• NO jogging pants (except for PE class)
• NO colored shoes
• NO laced rubber shoes
• Students are not allowed to enter the class without wearing the complete school uniform
• Parents must cooperate with the school about the uniform policy.
• Students must wear their PE uniform on the given PE schedule.
• Make-up is not allowed.
• Students are expected to dress appropriately always. One pair of plain earrings/studs may be worn by girls but there should be no other “body piercing” or other distracting jewelry. No visible tattoos.
• Girls are expected to have their hair tied always. Flashy hair dye is not permitted.
• Boys must always have their hair cut short. Boys are not allowed to wear jewelry, no visible tattoos. Flashy hair dye is not permitted. Face should be shaved always. No Mohawks, spiky hair or eye brow design
• Any student not following the uniform dress code will be subject to disciplinary action.

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